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Every time we talk about garbage, people talk about waste recycling. But nobody comes forward to implement it. In the United States, California is a perfect example for all of them. As an example, still a child, but the distance is vast.
The name is Ryan Hickman. Little wonder that this little boy of about eight years started a garbage recycling program. But the story is true.
This child has started his own garbage recycling business. And the CEO himself. Surprisingly, it’s true. He says the income from the company will be enough to pay for her school fees.

” Ryan’s Recycling ” is the name of this business (http://ryansrecycling.com).
When Ryan was 3, his father fulfilled his wish. That is the story.
One day in 2012, Ryan and his father see a California recycling company giving away discarded plastic bottles. So why does this boy think that I can, and then he goes to his neighbors’ house in a small trailer on the back of his bike and collects the trash, that meane plastic bottles, for recycling after Ryan returns home from school in the afternoon, His best friends help him with this? That’s how this little businessman is born.

When his father told the journalists, he heard about Ryan’s work, he liked the business. He is the boss; I am a servant. Ryan’s father, Damian Hickman, says in smiling. And the son said he gets two or three dollars for this job. That’s a lot of money, given his age.
Anyway, Ryan has saved about a thousand dollars for his school work over the years. That’s a big deal too. Ryan says he hopes to collect the money some day and buy a small trash lorry.

In 2017, he was awarded the “Citizen of the Year” award in San Juan, where he lives. At the same time, 2017 is among the 100 Most Influential People in the country. In 2018, MSN will add Ryan’s name to the list of “Top 15 Kids Changing the World” by TIME Magazine for Kids and National Geographic as well as a WHIZ KID in the OC Family. Just look at the list below, and you can see that a little idea can make a big difference.


Ryan receives certificates and awards

Recognition of the 2016 DAR Certificate
2017 Festival of Children “FRED” Award
2017 Kidsareheroes.org Lily’s Hero Award
Recognition of the 2017 City of San Juan Capistrano Certificate
2017 Pacific Marine Mammal Center’s “Philanthropist of the Year”
2017 CNN Young Wonder Award
100 Most Influential People of the 2017 OC Register
2017 San Juan Capistrano “Citizen of the Year”
Recognition of the 2017 DAR Certificate
2018 MSN Top 15 Kids Changing the World List
2018 Recycling Champion Award – OC Waste & Recycling
2018 Recognition of the Orange Certificate of County
The 2018 Wyland Foundation’s Ambassador For The Planet Award
2018 ECO-HERO Award for Nature for Action
2018 Barron Prize Young Hero Honoree
2018 Paradigm Challenge 2nd Place Award
2018 IBWA Recycling Champion Award
The 2019 Year of the Sand Cloud Ambassador

Ryan says garbage recycling is a significant contributor to environmental protection.
I think we all haven’t figured that out yet.

(Information from www.ryansrecycling.com and Time magazine articles)

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